Makanan Enak Bikin Laper

Makanan Enak Bikin Laper
Beef with deep-fried tempeh (soybean cake) and sauteed spinach and garlic; finished with a dressing of semur (beef stew) and green chili oil
Raw chili (dabu sambal) and green tomatoes topped by a corn fritter and fried mackerel. Completing the ensemble are sliced shallots and red chili, with a drizzle of rica-rica, or spicy sauce
Savory steamed rice-flour cake with coconut milk, drizzled with green chili paste
Tender cattle-foot cartilage in a spicy curry reduction sauce, served with steamed cassava leaf and raw chili and finished with fresh parsley
Indonesian yellow soup, or soto, with rice, and fried egg

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