Artist buys imitation family to satirize conformity

June 16, 2014 - Denver, Colorado, USA: For her upcoming documentary film, PLAYING HOUSE, American Conceptual Photographer, Suzanne Heintz, walks the recessional with her imitation husband after a satirical renewal of the vows ceremony. Yet the nuptials were not to be. When the officiant asked if anyone present objected, Heintz spoke up, taking the opportunity to reflect on what she's learned about commitment and the value of her non-traditional life. Part of her 14 year self-portrait photo series, LIFE ONCE REMOVED, in which Heintz satirizes the image of a "Perfect Life." She uses humor to comment on mid-20th Century societal expectations still present for women of a "Certain Age" to marry and have children. She recreates all aspects of family life with her store bought husband and daughter, featuring them in scenes of blissful domestic life in and outside of the home, traditional holidays, and idyllic family vacations. (Suzanne Heintz / Polaris)
Artist buys imitation family to satirize conformity
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Artist buys immitation family to satirize conformity
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