Twitter Rilis Twitter for Windows 8

Tepat nya kemarin Twitter telah merilis Twitter for Windows 8.  Aplikasi ini membuat kita bisa menikmati twitter di Windows 8.  Selain fitur Twitter yang familiar seperti Home, Connect, Discover, and Me tabs, aplikasi ini memperkenalkan fungsionalitas baru yang mengambil keuntungan dari  fitur yang sudah ada di Windows 8.

Seperti yang tertulis di situs resmi Twitter, konfigurasinya seperti berikut :

  • Snap view: Use another app alongside Twitter. Snap Twitter into the left or right side of the screen and then start using another app. You’ll be able to keep up with the conversations that are happening on Twitter while you watch a streaming video or read a news story. With snap view, you can adjust the size of the app to one-third, two-thirds or full screen.

  • Photos: Large and center. With an all-new landscape view, not only can you view a larger version of individual photos, but you can also swipe horizontally to view multiple photos in the Discover tab or a user’s profile. Tap a photo to view it in full screen, which showcases large photos in the center of the screen, or view the photo gallery from your favorite users.

  • Share charm: Tweet from any app, at any time. Simply swipe from the right edge of Windows 8 and then choose the Share charm to share content from any app, such as a photo or news article, to Twitter.

  • Search charm: Search when you’re inspired. Similar to the Share charm, the Search charm makes it easy to find an account or see Tweets using a certain hashtag. Just swipe from the right edge of Windows 8 from any app and select the Search charm.

  • Live Tiles and notifications: Don’t miss a beat. Keep up with what’s happening on Twitter using the Twitter Live Tiles and notifications, which show no matter which app you’re running.

Untuk lebih jelasnya kita lihat video Twitter for Windows 8 di bawah ini bagaimana konfigurasi yang terjadi antara Twitter dan windows 8

Screenshot image courtesy of Twitter via YouTube

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